Does the Headphones Brand Matter?

So about 8 years ago I was told that when you buy a pair of decent AKG headphones, you’ll never buy another pair of headphones ever again. Well, I can say one thing, the AKG are very durable. So if you were waiting for a pair to break to justify purchasing something new, try again. AKGs are solid, functional and as a company have been around since 1947. So what’s the point D.Money?

Quick history lesson. Kemal Amin “Casey” Kasem (born April 27, 1932) is an American radio personality and voice actor who is best known for being the host of the nationally syndicatedTop 40 countdown show American Top 40, and for voicing Shaggy in the popular Saturday morning cartoon franchise Scooby-Doo (Wikipedia). Casey Kasem wore AKGs along with many other radio personality back then and now.   


Meet @djjayonline, @djintrinity and @djstoyvo! Bastards, the lot of them…lol. They feel (especially Dj Jay, dude with record in pic) ever time I wore my AKGs I was representing “The Casey Kasem“‘s in the world. 


So, how does one justify purchasing new headphones when the ones you have work very well (and have for years)? Two words, “Peer Pressure”. I’m weak. But with my new summer motto “Sexy Is A Requirement” (hashtag #sexyisarequirement) it went from function to fashion.
In come the HDJ-2000 BLACK, currently the DJ’s definition of Sexy-Ass Headphones. Slow start clap to PioneerDj design engineers and marketing teams. You did your job. And shout out to System Music Warehouse (Pickering, ON @systemmusic905) for hooking me up. 

Dj D.Money